So, it’s uh, no secret I love pictures. I love slightly changing the frames around my house each season or holiday to reflect the theme. It’s such a fun, simple way to “decorate” for a holiday without getting all crazy cheesy at the dollar store, ya know? I’ll take you on a quick little glimpse through my Valentine’s Day goodies I set out, and show you how to easily use the photos from the Valentine’s Day mini sessions you did with… Read more »

In an effort to keep GOING in redecorating the girls’ room, I’ve got an update for ya. Paper fans pop up everywhere in blogland and on Pinterest, and they’re just so dang cute. I decided to try this tutorial from Land of Nod’s blog to make some custom paper fans for my girls’ rooms to finish off the wall with the window. As I mentioned in my first post about the girls’ room, I am not a self-proclaimed crafter. I… Read more »

I feel like I need to add a little disclaimer to this post. I’m not really a crafter, and I rarely do things the right way. This isn’t really a tutorial, it’s more like a “hey, look what I did, and you should do something like this, too.” And finally, my girls’ room is so so sooooo not finished yet, but I’m making progress. Which is what lead me to getting my craft on yesterday, and deciding midway through, “hmmm…. Read more »

Blue. For me, it is a color of serenity. It is peaceful. It is powerful, much like the ocean. I have always tried to bring the ocean and its sparkling blues and greens into my home. Let’s face it: with three kiddos ages three and under, my house tends to portray 50 shades of cray, so I could use a little help from ocean blue to create some serenity and peace. ;) I’m a sucker for warm, neutral walls, so… Read more »