Basically I arrived at this family’s adorable home and I squealed inside…they had a goldendoodle. I lurve those doggies! He was pretty much the best thing ever and I debated bringing him home in one of my props. “Oh whoops, I accidentally brought your dog home with me. I’ll return him in a few years.” You know who else was super cute?! The new baby girl in the house. Sweet little fingers and soft hair. Let me work through all… Read more »

This guy is awesome. What an absolute privilege it was to photograph him in his first few days of life, and to give mama the newborn-naked-and-cuddly-on-blankets photos she desired so much. Such a blessing to be a part of that. It leaves me speechless to this day (which if you know me, speechless and Lizzie doesn’t mix ;) ). Keep fighting, Easton, and keep being the rad little guy you are. We are praying and lifting you up, sweet thing…. Read more »

This little one made her first appearance behind my camera during her maternity shoot. I couldn’t wait to meet her soon after. What a sweet heart she was! She was actually one of my easiest newborns to date. Thanks for that, Mia ;)  

This sweet new mommy contacted me about a newborn session last year…and wanted to do it outdoors! In fact, she wanted to take a trail to where she actually began labor with baby and do it near there! How special is that?! Shooting newborns outside is tricky, but worth it. Pretty images for this nature-loving family.  

At the very beginning of this year, we welcomed my nephew into the world! Wyatt is seriously the sweetest baby around, all smiles, and in love with his craaaaaazy cousins. Not to mention, we’re pretty darn obsessed with him. We laugh because Wyatt was probably one of my more difficult newborns to shoot. I figure family pretty much has to do that to you. ;) I don’t mind that he pooped and peed on of my blankets and props,… Read more »

This entire year of 2015 was filled with AMAZING clients and adorable faces. I feel like my lack of blogging ANY of them means I am hoarding them all to myself. HA! So I’m going to get you all caught up on HJP clients of 2015, how about that?! This baby boy was my first newborn of the year, and kicked the year off with a great start. He’s going to be a big brother sometime in the near-ish future,… Read more »

Baby Braeden lives in a house with lighting I can only dream about for my own home. Two stories with of mid afternoon light flooding into the living/dining room. Yessss. If you venture back to his maternity photos, you’ll notice I was behind on blogging back then, too. Do you notice a trend?! HA! Be worried, friends, if I’m ever “caught up” on blogging. Something must be seriously wrong with me if I am. This little man’s brother is such a… Read more »

This little man was a dream to photograph. He listened so well to my directions and let me pose, cuddle, move, and then pose again. Good job, buddy. ;) I traveled from Orange County up to Santa Barbara for this little man’s newborn session, and it so worth the drive. And hey, I’ll take 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted time in the car with peace and quiet. Baby Rome, it’s fun watching you grow, and I’m looking forward to your… Read more »

Little T is as adorable as all get out. He definitely decided to give me a tough time the day of his newborn session, but he didn’t know that I always win. ;) His newborn photos reflect his parents’ love of country and motorcycle riding. Such a sweet little man. Such an adorable nursery! Loved the details in his room.