Sweet little Paige was such a little doll during her newborn session, letting me pose her any way I wanted! She was like my typical newborn clients, let me move her around right away, got a wee bit fussy on me for a while there, and settled back down again to finish the session. I don’t expect anything different nowadays!  

This session was a birthday gift! What a fabulous idea. We all met at one of my favorite locations in Laguna Beach and focused on the goal of getting this extended family an updated photo with all of the new family members, as well as smaller groupings. Such a fun time, and the little grandsons were such a blast!  

Baby Jace arrived in May, and he made for the third boy in the J family! I always smile at three-boy families. I think how awesome it is for the boys to have all their brothers, and laugh that I always thought I’d be a “boy mom.” Didn’t work out that way, but I definitely have a heart for all-boy families. Look at how sweet he is, and how his big brothers already adore him!