It’s so much fun when my newborn babies come back to me as big ole 1 year olds! I love seeing how their personalities have blossomed, and witnessing them dig into a sugary CAKE. Most of my cake smashes are done in a studio setting, but this guy wanted to eat cake at the beach! And that’s what he got. And it turned out pretty dang cute if you ask me.  

Did you catch Wesley’s cake smash goodness on the blog yesterday? Oh so adorable. Up next is the family session we did later in the afternoon. I had a blast chasing this family around the park. So much fun!  

This little family is full of so much love and sweetness, it’s always a joy when I get to hang out with them! Both parents are super creative and throw some amazing birthday parties, too. Full of awesome details and handcrafted goodness. Wesley’s one-year birthday party theme was based on the book, The Little Prince. So rad! Here is part 1 of Wesley’s shoot–his indoor shoot and cake smash. I’ll post part 2 with his family session tomorrow.  

This guy is awesome. What an absolute privilege it was to photograph him in his first few days of life, and to give mama the newborn-naked-and-cuddly-on-blankets photos she desired so much. Such a blessing to be a part of that. It leaves me speechless to this day (which if you know me, speechless and Lizzie doesn’t mix ;) ). Keep fighting, Easton, and keep being the rad little guy you are. We are praying and lifting you up, sweet thing…. Read more »

This little guy was a newborn client of mine in 2014, then turned 1 in 2015, and I get to see him periodically for family sessions and mini sessions. He’s always so stinking cute! I just can’t not smile when I see those big brown eyes of his. And his sweet family…I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know them and cheer with them and get excited with them through life’s blessings. Side note: do you not love the evolution of… Read more »

This little man stole my heart last December! Couldn’t get enough of his sweet smile and gorgeous eyes! When I finished editing his session, I remembered being bummed out I wouldn’t see his face on my computer screen each night after. :) Just in time to blog his 6 month session we did because I will be photographing his 1 year photos this Sunday! To say I am soooo looking forward to it would be an understatement. He’s just adorable,… Read more »

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I’ll share some of the client favorites from the Valentine’s Mini Sessions this year! We had a blast at all three locations, and my favorite part was meeting some new faces! My kids’ valentines this year: I loved printing Valentines for my clients again this year, they all turned out so cute. It’s so much fun doing a photo valentine, and I make sure to put the year on it so I can collect… Read more »