Blue. For me, it is a color of serenity. It is peaceful. It is powerful, much like the ocean.


The Castaway Island resort in Fiji, circa our 2009 honeymoon.

I have always tried to bring the ocean and its sparkling blues and greens into my home. Let’s face it: with three kiddos ages three and under, my house tends to portray 50 shades of cray, so I could use a little help from ocean blue to create some serenity and peace. ;)

I’m a sucker for warm, neutral walls, so I picked a piece of furniture I refinished to bring in the perfect shade of beloved blue.

I refinished this old dresser in Martha Stewart's Hummingbird Blue.

I refinished this old dresser in Martha Stewart’s Hummingbird Blue.

Accessories are like a home’s jewelry, and my home is sprinkled with the ocean’s jewel tones.

glass floatcandlelove your ocean pillow

Still loving my custom wood print I created last year.

beaches subway art

2 slot portrait and landscape side by side

While I was snapping pictures around the house, this guy slept on his favorite blue pillow. (Truly, he refers to it as “where is my booo pillow?”)


What color colors your world?

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