In an effort to keep GOING in redecorating the girls’ room, I’ve got an update for ya. Paper fans pop up everywhere in blogland and on Pinterest, and they’re just so dang cute. I decided to try this tutorial from Land of Nod’s blog to make some custom paper fans for my girls’ rooms to finish off the wall with the window. As I mentioned in my first post about the girls’ room, I am not a self-proclaimed crafter. I started the fans and then they sat, along with the supplies, on my kitchen table for two weeks. Thank goodness my friend Anna came over and inspired me to finish these suckers up–we let the kids run around and she let me cut and hot glue gun away, keeping me company and making the process much more fun. They found their way onto the perfect spots on the wall to finally finish up ONE wall of their room (well almost. I still need to spray paint the curtain rod gold).


(2)I think the gold one is my fave!

girls room (3)I’m pretty stoked on how that wall came together with the addition of the paper fans.

girls room (4)I added the lace curtains (from Ikea), and the picture frames above the girls’ bed that have some of my fave photos of them. They were so excited when they walked in and saw the pictures! “That’s me, Mommy! And that’s Chloe!”

(5)I’ve collected canvases and prints for the rest of the walls, and I’m slowly designing the walls as I go. I’m sure I’ll get around to spray painting the curtain rod eventually. But for now, I’m just glad one more thing was accomplished in their room. Thanks for keeping me accountable, friends!

girls room update (7)







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