Once your local Starbs is selling all the PSLs and frapps and declaring it’s FALL despite the 80* weather, then it’s time to break out the pumpkin everything. It’s funny how this all started because yes, I’m suddenly craving pumpkin everything, but ALSO it’s a new school year. So back into the routine of things, back to schedules, back to weekly plans and meal planning. My desire is to boost health overall, as well as get some healthy habits nailed… Read more »

I had an old blog–a family blog–and I used to blog “Meal Planning Mondays.” That was fun! I wish I could be so on top of my game and blog MPM again. Sigh…that’s not going to happen. However, I still cook every weeknight, and still plan out my meals for the week. I’ve been doing it for so many years now that I can drop Jake off at preschool on Monday mornings, brainstorm my week’s meals on the way to… Read more »

My friends and I love to chat. And chat and chat and chat. We love our kiddos, but they cramp our chatting style. We get caught up on each others’ lives via group texts and weekly park meet ups, but we needed a guaranteed girlfriend time, time to wear that new shirt we just bought, time to chat each others’ ears off, time to EAT. So, last year, Supper Club was born. The first Thursday of each month is sacred–you… Read more »