So, it’s uh, no secret I love pictures. I love slightly changing the frames around my house each season or holiday to reflect the theme. It’s such a fun, simple way to “decorate” for a holiday without getting all crazy cheesy at the dollar store, ya know? I’ll take you on a quick little glimpse through my Valentine’s Day goodies I set out, and show you how to easily use the photos from the Valentine’s Day mini sessions you did with… Read more »

How is it that I have the best clients ever? While going through this session’s photos, I was trying to narrow them down, and I was cracking up remembering the fun we had. Jumping in on another photographer’s super adorable mini session props, thinking we’re getting busted, and contemplating climbing an old, rickety, abandoned chicken coop’s roof. WHAT?! Haha, FitzGerald family thank you for making my job fun and adventurous. Love your free spirits and Wyatt’s love of trains. And LOVE… Read more »

I love this sweet family! They let me be crazy and silly with sweet big brother B, and trusted me to do the maternity shoot for #2 and #2’s newborn shoot. Since this maternity session, baby brother was born AND I’ve done the newborn session, but hey, I’m still catching up on blogging all of my fall sessions. Afternoon in the park + a cute baby belly + an adorable big bro = a great family maternity session. Funny story!… Read more »

In an effort to keep GOING in redecorating the girls’ room, I’ve got an update for ya. Paper fans pop up everywhere in blogland and on Pinterest, and they’re just so dang cute. I decided to try this tutorial from Land of Nod’s blog to make some custom paper fans for my girls’ rooms to finish off the wall with the window. As I mentioned in my first post about the girls’ room, I am not a self-proclaimed crafter. I… Read more »

I had an old blog–a family blog–and I used to blog “Meal Planning Mondays.” That was fun! I wish I could be so on top of my game and blog MPM again. Sigh…that’s not going to happen. However, I still cook every weeknight, and still plan out my meals for the week. I’ve been doing it for so many years now that I can drop Jake off at preschool on Monday mornings, brainstorm my week’s meals on the way to… Read more »

This sweet family trusted me to take their family photos for the first time AND trusted I’d get them great images in the 20 minute mini session time frame. :) Makes my job easy when I’m photographing 4 of the most adorable daughters ever! It was loads of fun, and I feel so blessed this family came my way (through other awesome HJP families). The photo of the sisters between the bushes with the creamy golden lighting is my fave…. Read more »

While brainstorming locations, this mama let me know she wanted a rustic, rural looking location. Off to the old abandoned orchard we went! This family hit it out of the park with their outfit selection, reflecting their surroundings through mixes of pattern in muted tones, layers, boots, and soft textures. While chatting about their style selection with the client towards the end, she mentioned her love of the HGTV show “Fixer Uppers” with Chip & Joanna and how she drew… Read more »

I love families. I love spending afternoons with families. We play and run around and I bark out orders (nicely, hehehe) and they listen, and we have a blast. This particular little family are sweet friends of mine, so we naturally had a great time the afternoon of their session. I loved getting their son Wyatt to crack up by OF COURSE talking about farts. Of course. HA! Can you see why he’s friends with my son Jake?! I love boys… Read more »