It’s so much fun when my newborn babies come back to me as big ole 1 year olds! I love seeing how their personalities have blossomed, and witnessing them dig into a sugary CAKE. Most of my cake smashes are done in a studio setting, but this guy wanted to eat cake at the beach! And that’s what he got. And it turned out pretty dang cute if you ask me.  

Basically I arrived at this family’s adorable home and I squealed inside…they had a goldendoodle. I lurve those doggies! He was pretty much the best thing ever and I debated bringing him home in one of my props. “Oh whoops, I accidentally brought your dog home with me. I’ll return him in a few years.” You know who else was super cute?! The new baby girl in the house. Sweet little fingers and soft hair. Let me work through all… Read more »