I feel like I need to add a little disclaimer to this post. I’m not really a crafter, and I rarely do things the right way. This isn’t really a tutorial, it’s more like a “hey, look what I did, and you should do something like this, too.” And finally, my girls’ room is so so sooooo not finished yet, but I’m making progress. Which is what lead me to getting my craft on yesterday, and deciding midway through, “hmmm. Maybe I should share this with my peeps.”

Onto the fun. The girls moved out of their cribs when Chloe started climbing out of it, and pulling things over to help Ava get out of hers. Hilarious, but highly dangerous. I ran over to Babies R Us and grabbed two white toddler beds that were in stock, and called it a day. The girls’ room layout changed slightly because of that, and I’ve left it halfway done since summer (because, hello, busy fall season). I am now on a mission to tackle redecorating the girls’ room. Perhaps sharing the mini journey on here will help keep me accountable to get it finished before, oh I don’t know, they go to college.

In the girls’ room, I like girly. And vintage, but with modern touches. Lots of color. Whimsical patterns and designs. I know, I know. ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE. But in my mind, it’s all coming together, so go with it, mmmkay? I have banners and garlands galore from various photography shoots, but I needed one a little more specific to the girls’ room so I could layer a few on one wall for some whimsical fun. I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I made it, and here’s what I did.

First thing you’ll want to do is buy this neat little bad boy from Paper Source.

Scrap banner how to (1)-web


The possibilities are endless for custom pendant banners.

Then gather all your random scraps of paper (what, you don’t have a bunch laying around like I do? Ok fine. Then run over to Paper Source or Michael’s and get yourself some). Cut out a whole bunch of triangles from the paper.

Scrap banner how to (2)-webAdmire how all of the scraps make your trash can look pretty. In fact, post a picture to social media.

Scrap banner how to (7)-webLine up the little pennants to see how you want to arrange them. Mine were scattered, no specific pattern, just the way I like handmade things to look.


Decide what string you’d like to put it on. Twine? Ribbon? Jute? Then get out your glue gun and glue the chosen string to the back of the first pennant. Then realize glue guns are annoying, unplug it, and grab clear masking tape. Tape the string to the back of the pennants.

Make a teeny little loop and double knot it to secure on each end so it’s ready to hang.

Scrap banner how to (9)-webHang it up and enjoy the little touch of whimsy to your space/party/event/whatevah.

Scrap banner how to (10)-webPlease ignore the curtain rod with no curtains. I’m not sure if I want to rehang the old curtains they had (they’re floor length…the girls will most likely pull them down, those little destructos.), or hem them, find new ones, or ditch the curtains and rod altogether. That is to be decided.

Scrap banner how to (13)-web

Scrap banner how to (12)-webPink triangle garland from Land of Nod. (not sure if they have that one any longer)

Scrap banner how to (15)-webWhite cloud garland from Land of Nod.

Yeah, I’m thinking sharing the girls’ room progress might be a good idea. I want it finished! (HA! Nothing is ever finished in my house. I always tweak things. But it’s the thought…)








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