I got the awesome opportunity to preview Kait Emerson Designs’ new spring 2014 line, and oh.my.word. it is all adorable beyond words! Owner and designer Feanna has an impeccable taste in choosing fabrics, coordinating colors and patterns, and she outdid herself for this spring collection. I photographed my twin girls in two of her new bubble rompers she has available in her shop. You can purchase the romper Ava is wearing here. This ridiculously awesome pattern Chloe is sporting can… Read more »

Sometimes the laundry is piled up, the to-do list is endless, and life feels a little heavy.  Sometimes you ask God to take a little bit of that burden from you…and He gives you big surf. So you pack up the kids to go watch the surf, because a beach full of onlookers and an ocean spotted with surfers are just the perfect thing to help ignore the laundry, to-do list, and heaviness.   What a perfect morning! So much… Read more »

Blue. For me, it is a color of serenity. It is peaceful. It is powerful, much like the ocean. I have always tried to bring the ocean and its sparkling blues and greens into my home. Let’s face it: with three kiddos ages three and under, my house tends to portray 50 shades of cray, so I could use a little help from ocean blue to create some serenity and peace. ;) I’m a sucker for warm, neutral walls, so… Read more »

2014 feels like a fresh new year full of lots of adventure! I am SO EXCITED to meet new clients, watch returning clients’ families grow, and children reach new milestones. How blessed am I that you all rely on me to capture your sweet, most precious memories?!     I’m looking forward to utilizing this blog as a main feature of my website this year. Get ready for some major cuteness overload from clients, and stay up-to-date on everything happening… Read more »