How stoked is this baby going to be when he or she (yup! It’s a SURPRISE!) comes home from the hospital and realizes he lives at the BEACH?! Legit walking…err, crawling…distance. So rad! Had such a fun time photographing these adorable two for their maternity session. It was SUCH a nice day–woohoo!–which also meant it was a little crowded. Nothing a photographer versed in posing and Photoshop can’t handle. ;)  

1. The wittle tiny baby from this maternity session should be arriving any day now in the next week and a half! I can’t wait to help welcome her into the world and get her all squishy-posed up for her newborn session! 2. Wish List: one day I’ll own this bad boy. But for now, I’ll just dream. ;) 3. I am over halfway through the MVP March Challenge on Instagram! I’ve been having so much fun posting every single… Read more »

It is always such an adventure when I am photographing an extended family. Personalities, jokes, laughter…it’s all enhanced when there’s a big group of people connected through kinship. I showed up at the beach to capture this family, and with the exception of some traditional posing, I basically showed up to snap pictures of them hanging out at the beach together as one big family. SO FUN!    

I got the awesome opportunity to preview Kait Emerson Designs’ new spring 2014 line, and it is all adorable beyond words! Owner and designer Feanna has an impeccable taste in choosing fabrics, coordinating colors and patterns, and she outdid herself for this spring collection. I photographed my twin girls in two of her new bubble rompers she has available in her shop. You can purchase the romper Ava is wearing here. This ridiculously awesome pattern Chloe is sporting can… Read more »

1. You guys. I can’t wait to share the full blog post with you tomorrow, but I’m OBSESSED with the bubble rompers I photographed this week for Kait Emerson Design’s Spring 2014 collection launch. They’re so stinkin’ cute! She has a coupon code she posted on her Facebook site for 25% off your order with “springfling.” 2. Super random, but this is my Thursday’s Three, so just stick with me ;) : last weekend the hubby and my oh-so-awesome-and-can-do-anything grandpa put… Read more »

I’ve been meaning to feature this adorable family’s session on the blog for a while now. These two spunky girls are at SUCH a fun age! Four is a magic number: still super young and innocent, but like a little sponge absorbing all kinds of knowledge and hilarious sense of humor! Loved every minute of this active session.