1. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, and I’m doing a little happy dance about it. Boy oh boy do I hope that’s correct because we need it here in SoCal! I’ll most likely be singing a different tune come Monday when I can’t just let the kids out to play in the backyard at all hours of the day…although, that is what their adorable rainboots are for. No matter what, the rain is much needed, and all of my… Read more »

Hi there, peeps! Spring mini sessions are on my mind (still ironing out details, so be on the lookout for blog posts/Facebook posts/newsletter blast in the next week or two), and as I imagine my perfect location, lighting, etc, my mind starts wandering to fashion. “Now what will my kids wear?!” I’m a mama just like you guys! Sometimes I’ve got oodles of time to put together outfits, sometimes I’m on a time crunch. Sometimes I’m inspired by something I… Read more »

I wish I could just bottle up that new baby smell that is SO perfect in all its sweetness and preciousness. I’m so lucky I get to occasionally love on some newborns (and perhaps sniff them ;) ) in my job. This needs to happen more often.  The newborn sessions, not the sniffing. Looking at these images of sweet baby J reminds me how wittle itty bitty they are that first week of life, and how quickly they change! It… Read more »

1. My mentor and friend Madison Vining welcomed their third child into their little family last week through the awesome blessing of adoption.  You must, must, must read the store here. 2. I have a major love for my face lotion. Oh people, it is truly amazing. Hydrating, thick yet light, and has a subtle citrusy note to it that makes it divine. It’s enriched with all kinds of perfect vitamins and I can’t go to bed at night without… Read more »

It just doesn’t even seem possible that baby Blake is on her way next month! Wasn’t I just shooting summer minis where soon-to-be big sis held up her announcement sign?! What a privilege it is to journey with my special clients as they welcome changes, excitement, anticipation, and joy. This maternity shoot was absolutely perfect. Mom and I discussed creating a more natural, boho feel for this maternity shoot, as we collaborated on outfit and accessory choices, and she trusted… Read more »

1. Old Navy’s release of nautical adorableness for toddler girls is just too much to handle! You can bet I’ll be getting this and this and oh my word this with some denim skinnies for my littles! 2. *please forgive the horrible iphone selfie, as I have not yet mastered that art*  I am loving this poncho the little sis gave to me a while back. See, my middle sis Julia has a fashion blog that she promises to update once her busy water… Read more »

This family. I just loved them from the moment I met them. That perfect sense of managed craziness that every family wants to have. Each kiddo had their own free spirit and the parents are doing a phenomenal job guiding them…my job brings me so much joy interacting with so many families! C Family, thank you for those outrageously adorable smiles and laughs last November!