At the very beginning of this year, we welcomed my nephew into the world! Wyatt is seriously the sweetest baby around, all smiles, and in love with his craaaaaazy cousins. Not to mention, we’re pretty darn obsessed with him. We laugh because Wyatt was probably one of my more difficult newborns to shoot. I figure family pretty much has to do that to you. ;) I don’t mind that he pooped and peed on of my blankets and props,… Read more »

This entire year of 2015 was filled with AMAZING clients and adorable faces. I feel like my lack of blogging ANY of them means I am hoarding them all to myself. HA! So I’m going to get you all caught up on HJP clients of 2015, how about that?! This baby boy was my first newborn of the year, and kicked the year off with a great start. He’s going to be a big brother sometime in the near-ish future,… Read more »