Sometimes the laundry is piled up, the to-do list is endless, and life feels a little heavy.  Sometimes you ask God to take a little bit of that burden from you…and He gives you big surf. So you pack up the kids to go watch the surf, because a beach full of onlookers and an ocean spotted with surfers are just the perfect thing to help ignore the laundry, to-do list, and heaviness.   What a perfect morning! So much… Read more »

Blue. For me, it is a color of serenity. It is peaceful. It is powerful, much like the ocean. I have always tried to bring the ocean and its sparkling blues and greens into my home. Let’s face it: with three kiddos ages three and under, my house tends to portray 50 shades of cray, so I could use a little help from ocean blue to create some serenity and peace. ;) I’m a sucker for warm, neutral walls, so… Read more »

2014 feels like a fresh new year full of lots of adventure! I am SO EXCITED to meet new clients, watch returning clients’ families grow, and children reach new milestones. How blessed am I that you all rely on me to capture your sweet, most precious memories?!     I’m looking forward to utilizing this blog as a main feature of my website this year. Get ready for some major cuteness overload from clients, and stay up-to-date on everything happening… Read more »