I wish I could just bottle up that new baby smell that is SO perfect in all its sweetness and preciousness. I’m so lucky I get to occasionally love on some newborns (and perhaps sniff them ;) ) in my job. This needs to happen more often.  The newborn sessions, not the sniffing.

Looking at these images of sweet baby J reminds me how wittle itty bitty they are that first week of life, and how quickly they change! It keeps getting better and better, of course, but thank goodness for still shots of evidence of the tiny forehead burrows and puffy lips, tiny toes and deep deep slumbers. <3

Jacob (4)

Jacob (9)

Jacob (27)

Jacob (35)

Jacob (39)

Jacob (45) B&W

Jacob (49) B&W

Jacob (55)

Jacob (64)

Jacob (69)

Jacob (100)



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