1. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, and I’m doing a little happy dance about it. Boy oh boy do I hope that’s correct because we need it here in SoCal! I’ll most likely be singing a different tune come Monday when I can’t just let the kids out to play in the backyard at all hours of the day…although, that is what their adorable rainboots are for. No matter what, the rain is much needed, and all of my fave session locations could desperately use some rain to liven things up a bit. ;)

2. I’m a sucker for a good impersonation. I’m a horrible impersonator, but love to do it anyway. What I love more is when other people nail one. I stumbled upon this YouTube video of Christina Bianca’s cover of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen and oh.my.word. she is SPOT ON with the impersonations. You gotta watch it and tell me what you think of her Celine Dion. The best. [How did I “stumble upon” this YouTube video, you ask? Well Jake’s best twin friends are absolutely obsessed with this song and performed it for him while their mommy played it from the soundtrack on her phone. Ever since then he requests to watch the “video with singing and snow” on the daily—there are some GEM of covers on YouTube if you browse through the sidebar)

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Happy *almost* Friday, friends!


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