1. My mentor and friend Madison Vining welcomed their third child into their little family last week through the awesome blessing of adoption.  You must, must, must read the store here.

2. I have a major love for my face lotion. Oh people, it is truly amazing. Hydrating, thick yet light, and has a subtle citrusy note to it that makes it divine. It’s enriched with all kinds of perfect vitamins and I can’t go to bed at night without it.

3. I get a LOT of encouragement from browsing online. There are so many amazing women (and men!) doing and creating awesome things, and sharing struggles, passions, love, God, parenting…and especially that last part, parenting. I’ll never tire of the posts from moms with littles that remind me to slow down, point to what matters, encourage me that I’m doing it right simply because I’m doing it my way. Knee-deep in the trenches of tantrums and diapers, I browse and find uplifting women writing great things about this fleeting time of parenting. This article, though, stopped me in my tracks. It was written for all moms, really, but especially for moms of older kids. Read it if you haven’t already, and share it with anybody and everybody.


Happy almost Friday!

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