Sometimes the laundry is piled up, the to-do list is endless, and life feels a little heavy.  Sometimes you ask God to take a little bit of that burden from you…and He gives you big surf. So you pack up the kids to go watch the surf, because a beach full of onlookers and an ocean spotted with surfers are just the perfect thing to help ignore the laundry, to-do list, and heaviness.


beach 1

beach 2

beach 3What a perfect morning! So much joy in chasing the seagulls, kicking sand around, and listening to the waves crash. I love how the beach looks different in the winter. There’s probably something scientific to it with tides and pulls and all that; but the shorter beach, steeper berm, and muted colors are so different than summer, and so perfect in its own way. <3

2014 01 21 Seal Beach kids (9) avabeach 5Photo sessions at the beach aren’t just for summertime! In fact, I highly recommend late winter and springtime sessions at the beach because it’s less crowded and the lighting can be just right!

beach 6

2014 01 21 Seal Beach kids (16)

beach 8

beach 9

beach 10

beach 11To convince Jake to follow with us back to the car as we were leaving, I promised him we’d come back again this week.  Ooops. Looks like we’ll be finding time later this week to go back to the beach!

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