I had an old blog–a family blog–and I used to blog “Meal Planning Mondays.” That was fun! I wish I could be so on top of my game and blog MPM again. Sigh…that’s not going to happen. However, I still cook every weeknight, and still plan out my meals for the week. I’ve been doing it for so many years now that I can drop Jake off at preschool on Monday mornings, brainstorm my week’s meals on the way to Trader Joe’s and how they’d fit in with our schedule/activities, remember most of the ingredients in our fave tried & true recipes (or pull them up on my phone), and grocery shop with my two tails, Ava and Chloe.

The important part about meal planning is working with your schedule you’ve got going on. We like to do Disneyland on Tuesdays when we’re able to. When I’m prepared and have a crockpot recipe going, it makes my life so much easier when I get home and the kids are READY to eat (and take baths and GO TO BED!). I may not be the most organized person you’ll ever meet in life, but if there is ONE thing I try to stay on top of, it’s meal planning. Because hellllloooo. It’s food.

Anyway, although I’m not about to begin blogging Meal Planning Mondays again, I would LOVE to occasionally pop in and share favorite recipes we’re loving at the moment. We lean towards loving fresh, easy, balanced meals. The crockpot chicken fajitas are the easiest and best invention ever–I use equal sprinklings of fajita seasonings and taco seasonings. MAKE THE ROASTED ROOT VEGETABLES. The dressing to roast the veggies in is amazing. A newer recipe to our rotation is the chopped Greek salad–it will quickly become one of your faves, as well! I made Ree’s potatoes on Christmas (definitely a special-time-of-year side dish) and they were my favorite leftovers I ate every day until they were gone.

1. Roasted Root Vegetables | guest post on I Heart Naptime

2. Crockpot Chicken Fajitas | Eat at Home

3. Chopped Greek Salad | The Garden Grazer

4. Beef & Cannellini Bean Minestrone | Giada De Laurentiis

5. Creamy Rosemary Potatoes | Ree Drummond

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