My friends and I love to chat. And chat and chat and chat. We love our kiddos, but they cramp our chatting style. We get caught up on each others’ lives via group texts and weekly park meet ups, but we needed a guaranteed girlfriend time, time to wear that new shirt we just bought, time to chat each others’ ears off, time to EAT. So, last year, Supper Club was born.

The first Thursday of each month is sacred–you clear your schedule, hire babysitters, beg the husband to be home on time. It’s Supper Club time. We’ve enjoyed jaunting around the OC and Long Beach area meeting up at tried and true favorite restaurants, as well as trying some new places. It doesn’t have to be fancy–last summer’s August Supper Club was at Fred’s in Huntington to satiate our love of their queso dip & margaritas (and ocean view). But September’s Supper Club hit it out of the culinary park with dinner at Nick’s on 2nd…oh my yum. Blackberry mojito, anyone?! I love my Supper Club time with besties, but I also love trying new restaurants I can bring the hubby back to for date night. When I’m perusing a restaurant’s menu, I’m always looking to see what he might want order if I came back with him.

I thought it would be fun to lug my big camera to Supper Club (when I remember to…sometimes I’m RUNNING out the door to leave. Can ya feel me?) and then feature it here on the blog. This January’s Supper Club was at Silver Trumpet. So I miiiiiight have seen the ladies from The Real Housewives of Orange County meet there and it miiiiiight have made me want to try it. No matter the silly reason behind it, I’m glad we put it on January’s calendar.

2015 01 08 Supper Club The Silver Trumpet (3)

The menu had phenomenal choices, full of locally grown, fresh options.

2015 01 08 Supper Club The Silver TrumpetI debated between the carmelized pork chop and grass-fed New York steak, and ended up choosing the steak. Done to perfection and seasoned just the way I liked it. I devoured the parmesan gratin potatoes and sauteed kale. So good. My friends loved their filet and roasted chicken with sides like sweet potato puree, garlic mashed potatoes, and wild mushroom ragu.

2015 01 08 Supper Club The Silver Trumpet (2)I am not a food blogger. I am not a food snob, either, really. As a chef’s daughter, I know what I like, enjoy trying new things, and appreciate good food. If you’re a sophisticated foodie, go ahead and laugh at my “review” of Silver Trumpet. I’m laughing right with ya. ;) But hopefully, I’m inspiring you to start your own Supper Club (you guys…it’s good for the soul), OR put a new restaurant on your date night rotation.

Bon appetit, friends!



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