1. You guys. I can’t wait to share the full blog post with you tomorrow, but I’m OBSESSED with the bubble rompers I photographed this week for Kait Emerson Design’s Spring 2014 collection launch. They’re so stinkin’ cute! She has a coupon code she posted on her Facebook site for 25% off your order with “springfling.”

Sp 14 Romper 2 (32) web watermarked2. Super random, but this is my Thursday’s Three, so just stick with me ;) : last weekend the hubby and my oh-so-awesome-and-can-do-anything grandpa put in the baseboard moulding we wanted to replace after refinishing our original hardwood floors. They look phenomenal, and now the poor hubs is prepping it for paint by puttying the many, many, many nail gun holes. Have fun with that, hun!

baseboards3. Mommy tip: you must investigate the Yo Gabba Gabba Pandora radio station. We frequently bust out in dance parties at our house. And in the car. And anywhere, really. Even if you’re not a Yo Gabs fan, I guarantee this Pandora mix will get you and your kids movin’ and groovin’ with some major smiles on their faces. (Side note: have you SEEN Yo Gabba Gabba live?! I was impressed! Not only does DJ Lance host the concert singing and dancing live, but Biz Markie made an appearance, yo! When I took Jake with some friends at the LA concert, Biz pulled some kids up on stage for Biz’s beats, and Gwen Stefani’s son Zuma was up on stage with him. So rad.)

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