1. The wittle tiny baby from this maternity session should be arriving any day now in the next week and a half! I can’t wait to help welcome her into the world and get her all squishy-posed up for her newborn session!

2. Wish List: one day I’ll own this bad boy. But for now, I’ll just dream. ;)

3. I am over halfway through the MVP March Challenge on Instagram! I’ve been having so much fun posting every single day, and hope I can finish out the rest of the month strong. Tons of my challenge posts have been taken with my good ole iphone, which I think has been key to keeping me on track. Instead of worrying about lugging my big camera around with me and then the editing pictures to post, I’ve been having a great time snapping away with my phone camera! If you don’t follow HJP on Instagram, you really should! I love giving a glimpse into my life with clients and friends.

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