It’s officially the month of love! Last weekend I shot the Valentine’s Day mini sessions, and oh my word did those kiddos turn up the cuteness factor! All of the families will be able to display their Valentine’s photos throughout the month as a festive way to celebrate. Last summer’s lemonade stand was transformed into a rustic kissing booth, perfect for all ages. If you missed out on the sessions, don’t miss out on viewing all the adorableness:

FitzGerald (37)Phillipsen (9) Phillipsen (5) Phillipsen (31) Phillipsen (32) writing2 Ramirez (7) Ramirez (10) Ramirez (12) Talcott (1) Talcott (14) FitzGerald (6) Garcia (9) Garcia (37) Kramer (6) Kramer (7) Kramer (20) Kramer (27) Kramer (31)

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