2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (90)I have a confession: I am slightly terrified of my girls turning two today. And it’s not because turning two makes them officially toddlers, and they’re no longer babies, and I don’t have baby stuff in my house anymore and OHMYWORDWHEREHASTHETIMEGONE! It’s because they’re two, and there are two of them. And big bro is only 3 1/2, and didn’t he JUST leave the terrifically awesome two’s, and finish getting his molars in, and OHMYWORDNOWTHEREISTWOOFTHEM. It’s slightly…crazy…at my house sometimes. And in my car. And out in public. Does it stop me from taking them everywhere and running around like the crazy little gang we are? No. But I’ve noticed our public appearances are getting a wee bit hairy at times. I am in for a RIDE, friends!

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (70)


Now that I’ve confessed I plan to live this next year with one eye open hoping my girls will spare me some of the tantrum-induced drama that is bound to happen, I feel like I can properly reflect on the fact that my. babies. are. two. Toddlers. Little big girls. Talking. Exploring. Forming opinions about food and clothing preferences. They are going to live this next year either loving the camera or hating it. Perhaps potty training. Swimming. Less time hanging on my hip, and more time playing with friends. And each other. Which makes me so happy for them and all the adventures they will go on, right by each other’s side, sometimes on the back of brother’s heels.

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (75)

It is the absolute raddest thing ever that my girls get to do life together. They aren’t just sisters. They’re TWINS. They don’t have to like each other every second of the day, but they’re always going to have sissy by their side. The other day Jake and I were talking about the girls being in my belly at the same time. Jake had that look where he realized, whoa, they were both in there. He asked me if they talked to each other and hugged each other when they were in my belly. Stifling my giggle I answered, “probably.” And then serious as ever he asked, “and were they biting each other?” That’s pretty much twin life right there. Always someone right there to talk to, laugh with, hold hands…and maybe a little biting each other. Ok, probably a lot of biting.

Apart from being twins, they are completely unique beings. From their personalities, to their height, hair color, preferences, and demeanor, they are certainly their own little people.

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (108)


My Ava Marley, you are sunshine wrapped up in a two-year-old. You have a noticeable strut that takes your little legs on your wanderings. I would pay big bucks to get into that mind of yours. I know you’re always thinking and processing your world around you because your facial expressions are ever-changing based on what you’re thinking and taking in.

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (11)

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (12)

I know you’ll dream big and serve with your big heart. Thank you for your endless patience with sissy, brother, and especially with me, as I often times take your easygoing nature for granted. I love your jibber jabber and that you copy everything we say. You are such a gift to me, sweet Ava, and have so much to offer the world.

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (111)My Chloe Harper, your smile can brighten anyone’s day. When we go on errands, you’re constantly waving and shouting “byyye!” to passersby. You don’t walk anywhere, you RUN, and boy are you fast. I love that you want to be first to get there, always hurrying by on your own little missions. It shows how excited you are about your world and all it has to offer.

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (27)

2014 06 12 Ava & Chloe 2 year shoot (40)You are so helpful to your brother and sissy, thank you for that. I love how you’ll help get their clothes, shoes, look for their toys, take ANYTHING from Brody’s mouth he’s not supposed to have. That selfless behavior is what this world needs a lot of, so you keep showing your love to others. Your snuggles mean the world to me and Daddy, my sweet Chloe.

Suddenly, I’m not quite as terrified having two two-year-olds. I’m super stoked about the growth they’ll have this year and I’ll have in my mama journey. The ladies are TWO!





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