In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I’ll share some of the client favorites from the Valentine’s Mini Sessions this year! We had a blast at all three locations, and my favorite part was meeting some new faces!

My kids’ valentines this year:

kids valentines

I loved printing Valentines for my clients again this year, they all turned out so cute. It’s so much fun doing a photo valentine, and I make sure to put the year on it so I can collect them as time goes on. Or until they refuse to let me do these Valentines. HA!

FitzGerald (13)

FitzGerald (126)

Kramer (19)

Kramer (38)

Kramer (81)

Paige (21)

Paige (45)

Patterson (8)

Patterson (75)

Phillipsen (9)

Phillipsen (22)

Talcott (47)

Talcott (49)

Tucker (21)

Tucker (24)

Williams (6)

Williams (25)


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