Do you follow my HJP Facebook page? If not, you should! I have been posting some crazy adorable sneak peeks of Baby B’s newborn session over there. She’s perfect. She’s got squishy little lips. And she smells so good. Yup, that’s what little itty bitty baby girls are made of. While editing some of her session, I couldn’t help but reminisce over her maternity session while she was still cooking in the belly. ;) Here’s a little before and after for you:

beforeandafterTOPANDBOTTOMMommies-to-be: check out my investment page for info on the maternity & newborn package I offer. I’m going to get all cliche on you and remind you there isn’t one person who has ever regretted documenting these special times in their little family’s lives. Also, it’s certainly never too early to talk to me about your maternity and newborn session. They’re the only sessions that are sensitive to a Goldilocks time frame: 28-34 weeks into your pregnancy, your belly is not too small, and you’re not quite uncomfortable yet, it’s just right. And the perfect window for newborn pictures are around 7-10 days, as they are just getting used to being out of the womb, but still super duper sleepy and easy to pose. Head over to my contact page and send me a line, I’d love to hear from you. :)

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